The Cardinal Sin (VINYL)

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The Cardinal Sin is the third album released by Prop Dylan in 2013. The album features side artists as Talib Kweli, Rakaa & Evidence from Dilated Peoples, Sabina Ddumba and production by DJ Premier and Logophobia. It contains 13 tracks out of 15 that was released digitally.

A Side

01 Roll The Credits
02 Mark Chapman
03 Chill & Rap
04 Shock & Amaze ft. DJ Premier
05 The Cardinal Sin pt 2
06 Still ft. Sabina Ddumba

B Side

07 Family First
08 Brooklyn Brawl ft. Talib Kweli
09 20th Hour
10 Devils Crow
11 Air It Out
12 Keep On Moving ft. Rakaa & Evidence
13 The Jackal