To Whom It May Concern Pt. 1 (CD)

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To Whom It May Concern Pt. 1 (CD)


"To Whom It May Concern Pt. 1" is Prop Dylans fourth solo album including 12 songs featuring side artists as Promoe from Looptroop Rockers, Verb T from The Four Owls, Mr Noun from Supersci and Supastition. Production by DJ Matvey, Andrey Kit, Gravy Sparks, Logophobia and DAVR. Cuts & Scratches by DJ Stylewarz, DJ Kristougha, DJ B-Bop and DJ Malik.


01 That Feeling
02 Life Mission ft. Promoe
03 Still Imagine
04 The Fat Lady
05 Oh My w/ DJ Stylewarz
06 Smile ft. Verb T
07 All Gravy
08 Calm Down
09 Down for Whateva
10 Doubt ft. Mr Noun
11 Where The Wild Things Are
12 If I could ft. Supastition

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